Chad is bound in the most uncomfortable position yet, his arms up high over head, roped tightly at the wrists to a vertical pole, his chest and upper legs roped to the same pole, his knees spread and roped to two side supports, exposing his cock and balls. He struggles against his bonds, pissed as hell, when rope man James emerges in his leather kilt. James ropes his slave?s cock and balls, leaving a loop at the end of the rope. He steps into the loop pulling painfully on Chad?s privates. Then he ties a five-pound weight to the rope. ?Agggg!? Chad moans, as his ball-sack stretches. Another five-pounds is added. Now Chad is really in pain, moaning constantly as James stands back and enjoys his handiwork. A couple of nasty, pinching clamps placed on his Chad?s nipples completes the torture. Chad will be up against that pole, in pain, for hours. And James is going to enjoy every minute.

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