Beautiful, young Leo isn?t exactly naked: His jeans are still intact, but his erect penis sticks out of the fly, pulled out by the man who is now sending surges of electricity into his armpit and down his arm ? strategically avoiding his heart and vital organs. After just a few shocks, the sweat from Leo?s armpit makes the electrode slide off ? and land on his penis! Felix Frost, his captor, duct-tapes the pad back on and keeps socking the boy. He loves hearing Leo moan through the ball-gag and watching his well-built, hairless torso convulse. Felix moves the electrodes to Leo?s abs. The electro-torture goes on for hours until the boy collapses, only to wake-up sometime later hanging from his wrists, completely naked, his hood and gag removed, revealing the face of a blonde, teenaged angel. A couple of quick slurps of his dick and Leo is rock-hard again ? ready for more torture, including ball-stretching, a pinwheel on his erect cock and, of course, more nasty, biting clamps.

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