Anthony Martin is having the time of his life: His perfect boy, a lean, hairless dancer, is stretched on an inclined table, his naked body covered with welts and lash-marks, his long, flowing hair soaked with sweat, a gag shoved into his pretty mouth. Anthony slaps the boy?s still fresh wounds, making him cry out in pain. He loves the boyish moans, so innocent, so sexy. He finger-fucks the kid?s tight ass, making him moan even louder, his ripped abdomen trembling seductively. ?I want you always hard, boy!? Anthony says, using his favorite . He attaches the vacuum pump to Nigel?s flaccid cock once again and pumps away, making the boy?s member double, then triple, in size. Nigel is literally nothing but a piece of flesh, a pleasure toy for his master. For the next several hours he?s sliced with the single-tail; is sprayed on his fresh wounds, and his cock is painfully tortured with the pump. Then he?s left alone to suffer and wonder if he will ever escape his new life of abuse and humiliation.

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