After suffering under Jared?s lash, young Felix Frost has developed a taste for bondage and domination, but now he wants to inflict, not endure, the pain. He?s had his eye on a lean, 20-year-old blonde freshman at his college, Leo Edwards. Leo is the classic Midwestern youth: beautiful but innocent, well built but modest, a total boy. Felix has eyed Leo?s tight abs, round ass and gorgeous cock at the college gym and now he is fulfilling his desire. Leo, barefoot, wearing skinny jeans and a T-shirt, is bound with duct tape and Velcro to a torture wall. He has a vague memory of having coffee with a new friend, Felix, but has no idea how he ended up here. He?s hooded and gagged and can barely move. Then he feels hands on his body. ?Mmmfff,? he mumbles through his gag as his shirt is ripped open and two nasty clips are put on his nipples. Then he feels his cock being pulled out of his jeans and sucked into a mouth. ?Just let it happen,? Felix says. ?Enjoy it.? Leo is terrified, but moments later he shoots the biggest load of cum of his life.

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